The Lying Dolls

The Lying Dolls is the 2009 experimental music release by Robert Ziino. The Lying Dolls was created with analog modular synthesizers from all over the world.

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1. Antidote for the Humanoids
2. Bells of Saint Fred
3. Creeping Paranoia
4. Everywhere but the Johnson
5. Feedback Suicide
6. Femevol
7. The Evil Manwells
8. Hello Machine
9. Mistress Indigestion
10. Modular Alienation
11. Religious Sheep Herders
12. The Annoying Fish
13. The Blink of an Eye
14. The Devils Pleasure
15. The Laughing Condoms
16. The Second Shelf
17. The Sweet Con
18. War on Thinking

Music Composed/Mastered by Robert Ziino
Design by Robert Ziino
Special Thanks to: Zeenah, Zach, and Zander