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Robert Ziino

Experimental Artists™ features the experimental music of Robert Ziino has received radio airplay in the following countries: Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, Central African Republic, Colombia, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.

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Quotes from Reviews of Robert Ziino’s Experimental Music

“An interesting character and prolific artist” – Free Radio Santa Cruz

“Loved It” – Soundwave FM

“Barking Mad.” – DJ Unknown

“One cannot possibly get any closer to Wendy Carlos without going through the token sex/name change.” – Deaf Sparrow, USA

“Ziino is a few light-years beyond the scope of the average Flaming Lips album, but like the Lips, he never stints on the joy quotient. Effervescently bounding around the edge of the universe.” – Aiding & Abetting, USA

“I’m in an organic machine. There are no moving parts but my mind races and is thrown up against a veil of color and sounds. Each area of my body is affected differently although I actually no longer have human form. My phantom arms sway in the purple light, my chest explodes into an opaque mist and I feel like I know something valuable but cannot define it.” – No Pigeonholes Radio, USA

“I wouldn’t like to spill the beans, but there’s one or two tracks on this album that have all the potential to become synth classics.” – Darklife, UK

“Wassily Kandinsky meets modern society and develops a strange electro-chemical rash.” – Morbid Outlook, USA

“American Robert Ziino processes creative outputs with experimental sound worlds of the rather electronic type, which is comparable to the bizarre world David Lynch or David Cronenberg.” – Darkbeat, Germany

“If you’ve ever heard the solo sides by Nick Mason, Rick Wright, and David Gilmour on the Pink Floyd album UMMAGUMMA, then all you have to do is imagine those peculiar sounds (minus the fluid guitar) in a more modern context and processed through keyboards to get an idea of what this disc sounds like.” – The One True Dead Angel, USA

“Ziino’s Twilight Clones is something like the aural equivalent of a high-resolution, three-dimensional, high-tech video game.” – Gothic Beauty, USA

About Experimental Artists

Experimental Artists was founded by Robert Ziino in 2004. Experimental Artists helps encourage other experimental artists to follow their passion, think outside the box, and create a unique form of experimental art.

Artist Zeenah Spirit Experimental Paintings

Experimental Artists – Zeenah Spirit

Experimental Artists™ includes the experimental photography and experimental paintings of Zeenah Spirit. Zeenah received an Award of Excellence from the VSA Arts for her experimental photograph “Hidden”. Hidden was exhibited in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. in honor of her award. Her experimental photo “Mind’s Eye” was exhibited in the Kennedy Center Hall of States. “Mental Chaos” is exhibited in the permanent collection of the MDA Art Museum in Tucson, Arizona.

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Artist Halil Xhafa Experimental Paintings

Experimental Artists – Halil Xhafa

Experimental Artists™ includes the experimental photography and paintings of Halil Xhafa. Halil graduated with a bachelor’s degree and is now preparing for a master’s degree and personal exhibition. He is currently working in his iD Studio for the project Callexperimental, which will have different topics primarily involving experimental art.

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