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Zeenah Spirit

Mind's Eye

Experimental Photo ‘Mind’s Eye’ by Zeenah Spirit

Experimental Artist Zeenah Spirit’s experimental painting “Mind’s Eye” was exhibited in the Kennedy Center Hall of States in honor of disability awareness month.

About the Experimental Photograph

“Mind’s Eye” was a play on the saying “Eyes are the window into the soul”. Flowers come from seeds and in a way the soul is our seed. It’s what we become and what we see in this world.

Experimental Photo created in December 2005 by Experimental Artist Zeenah Spirit.

About the Experimental Artist:

Zeenah Spirit’s experimental paintings and photos deal with issues of self-acceptance. She uses surreal art as a way to capture her vision of the world. Her visuals try to define the darkness that makes people uncomfortable and search for the light of knowledge. Much of the imagery contains surreal landscapes of abstract human emotion…read more.